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Block Chain Software

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a value exchange protocol. We can help devop build, ship, and run blockchain based applications for your business ecosystems.

What Can Ecosystem Applications Do?

Businesses use blockchain, smart contract, and distributed storage technologies to share data, eliminate redundancy and communicate more efficiently with other participants in their business ecosystem.

For this reason, we call applications that use these technologies ecosystem applications.

Asset Servicing

Automate lifecycle management and reduce operations risk.

Asset Origination

Simplify recordkeeping.

Claims Management

Reduce fraud through transparency and shared datasets.

Vendor Management

Simplify onboarding and management.

Supply Chain Management

Transparent and secure collaboration to reduce inventories and costs.

Supply Chain Certification

Cryptographically-verifiable chains of custody.

Comprehensive Platform

With Blockchain you can leverage an enterprise-grade, mature, free and open-source application platform that utilizes best in breed, modular components to quickly build ecosystem applications that operate well with your existing systems and infrastructure.

Ethereum Virtual Machine Contracts

Records & Events Cache

Blockchain Management Tooling

Smart Contract Package Management Tooling

Proof of Stake BFT Consensus Engine

Fully Permissioned Application Engine

Secure Native Code Contracts

Software Development Kits

Build your ecosystem applications with Blockchain SDKs and SDK add-on modules to ensure you achieve your required business outcomes in a legally compliant manner.

Finance SDK

Insurance SDK

Logistics SDK

Base SDK