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Sending coupons, special deals, current events and other information to your customers automatically through SMS messaging is a convenient way to reach your market and grow your audience. With many text message marketing services, you can send multimedia messages (MMS) or ask questions with a poll or a survey. You can set up automatic responses to opt-ins, STOP messages and HELP messages, and you can personalize all of the messages you send to your customers. You can also schedule messages for the future or set up drip campaigns, which means that you can create a schedule of marketing deals or other information to be sent out slowly, at various times and days.

Send Online SMS

Send individual messages or large-scale text marketing campaigns from our easy online platform and instantly engage with customers.

Receive Replies

Open up the conversation and receive replies from your SMS marketing campaigns with a dedicated FireText number.

Delivery Reporting

Grab a full understanding of which SMS messages have been successfully delivered and those that have failed.

SMS Tracking

Enrich your SMS marketing content with intelligently tracked URL links. We’ll even tell you who clicked and when.