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Vend Retail POS

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Six ways Vend will help you build your retail empire.


1. Sell more of the stuff your customers love.

Take the pain out of POS. Vend is a beautifully designed, responsive point–of–sale system that makes it fast & easy to sell to your customers, and keep them coming back to your store. It works on iPad, Mac or PC and connects to all the latest hardware – barcode scanners, receipt printers, cash drawers. It may even work with hardware you already own!

Works online & offline. Keep selling with Vend, even when your internet connection lets you down. Your sales will automatically update to our servers the next time you go online.


2. Get paid quickly. However your customers choose to pay you.

Accept any type of payment. Vend makes it easy for you to get paid. Set up custom buttons to accept cash, cheque, gift cards or any payment type you want. Take deposits and partial payments on layaway sales, or let your customers pay on account.

Accept credit & debit cards with the leading payment providers around New Zealand.


3. Reach more customers. Then keep them coming back.

Reach more customers. And keep them coming back. Take the POS to your customers. Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any retail business. Vend is mobile, so you can take your POS system onto the shop floor, beat the queues and build personal engagement with your customers. Or go truly mobile and hit the road to find new customers and markets.

Reward customer loyalty. With a built–in Loyalty program, Vend lets you save your customer details in seconds, or offer them incentives to sign up after they leave the store, then keep them coming back by rewarding repeat purchases.


4. Manage the stuff you sell like a boss. Any type of stuff.

Easy product management. Whether you sell one SKU or thousands, with Vend, you’ll look forward to managing your catalog. Easily add cost and retail prices, tags, discounts, and perform bulk operations like import & export. Group products by colour or size, organise into bundles, or split into units. Scan existing barcodes, or print new ones to speed up checkout.

Powerful inventory features. Vend takes the pain out of managing stock, whether you have one store or hundreds. Because it is cloud-based software, you and your staff can instantly see which items are in stock, everywhere, in real time.


5. Get to know your business. Then grow your business.

Get to know your business. Then grow your business

Real time reporting. Retail is demanding, the Vend dashboard helps you stay ahead of the competition by giving you a real-time snapshot of sales and product performance, which you can access from anywhere, at any time. Drill deeper with powerful reports into stock, customer, product and staff performance.

Easily manage one store or hundreds. Build your retail empire from your armchair, by adding new stores and registers at the click of a button. Train your staff in minutes, and keep them motivated with daily, weekly and monthly targets. Then relax, knowing that your data is always safe, secure, and available when you need it.

6. Do more online by connecting Vend to awesome add-ons.

Take your business to the next level. Connect your sales, customer and product data in realtime to a marketplace of business apps. Streamline and automate your retail operations, save hours of time each day double entering data, and trade seamlessly on multiple channels.


  • Accepts Payments from your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC or traditional POS hardware
  • Cloud-based • Works offline!
  • Connect add-ons such a QuickBooks
  • Awesome on Island customer care!
  • Manage products & inventory
  • Real-time reporting • Manage customer loyalty schemes
  • Monthly payment plans and scalable pricing
  • Printers, card readers and other peripherals available
  • Could also work with your current hardware peripherals


Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, product and reports are always available, always safe, and always up to date.

Works on any device.

It works on the iPad, Mac or PC. All you need is a browser. It may even work with POS hardware you already own.

Works offline.

Continue selling even when the internet goes down, Vend will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.

Accept any payments.

It works with leading merchant providers globally, so you can choose the best way to accept payments in your store.

Connect add-ons.

It connects to the best business apps in accounting, eCommerce, staff rostering and more – run your entire business online.

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